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Amelia Cobb

Zoe's Rescue Zoo: The Rascally Raccoon (#24)

Zoe's Rescue Zoo: The Rascally Raccoon (#24)

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At Zoe's Rescue Zoo only the cutest, cuddliest animals need apply!

Zoe loves living at her uncle's rescue zoo because there's always something exciting going on. And Zoe also has an amazing secret... She can actually TALK to the animals!

Rocco the raccoon has just arrived at the zoo and he loves to play pranks! Inspired by the rascally animal, Zoe and her friend decide to play their own. But when a prank goes too far, Zoe will need Rocco's help to make things right.

Another fantastic title in the perfect series for young animal lovers, beautifully illustrated throughout by Sophy Williams.

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