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Eve Wersocki Morris

The Wildstorm Curse

The Wildstorm Curse

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A fabled witch. A powerful curse. A monster out for revenge.

13-year-old Kallie Tamm can't wait to spend a week of her summer holidays at the Wildstorm Theatre Camp: she's determined not to let her dyslexia hold her back from achieving her dream of becoming a playwright. The finale of the whole week is a performance in the local village theatre.

But as soon as she arrives, Kallie discovers that the cast will be performing a play written by a 17th century witch, Ellsabet Graveheart, and strange, scary things start happening. Unbeknown to Kallie, a dark shadow is stirring in the woodland near Wildstorm: an ancient and dangerous creature has awoken from a centuries old slumber, and they're out for revenge, putting Kallie and all of her new friends in grave danger.

The Wildstorm Curse is a thrillingly suspenseful story about unlikely heroes and the power of storytelling, from author of The Bird Singers, Eve Wersocki Morris.

"Bewitching and beguiling—The Wildstorm Curse is a heartwarming and spinechilling tale of friendship, bravery, and the intoxicating magic of storytelling. Once you step foot into the Wildstorm Theatre, you'll never want to leave." —Jack Meggitt-Phillips, author of The Beast and the Bethany

"A riveting tale full of secrets, suspense and the power of storytelling. Just beware reading it if camping out in a dark, spooky wood..." —Jamie Littler, bestselling author of Frostheart

"The Wildstorm Curse is a brilliant, spine-tingling mystery that kept me on the edge of my seat. I would wholeheartedly recommend it!" —Ewa Jozefkowicz, author of The Dragon in the Bookshop

"Distinctive, dark and mysterious—a thoroughly intriguing adventure." —Katherine Woodfine, author of The Sinclair's Mysteries

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