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Jonne Kramer

The Riddle of the Sea

The Riddle of the Sea

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A gripping sea adventure featuring a lost father and a cursed ship makes for an outstanding debut by an exciting new author.

When Ravian's father doesn't return home from sea for his son's birthday, Ravian is certain he must be in danger. Hearing tales of a cursed ship that captures fishermen, Ravian goes in search of his father accompanied by his only friend Marvin the seagull. Before long, the pair find themselves trapped on the ship with only a kindly boy and a bad-tempered pirate for company. The ensuing voyage is beset with battles with giant squid and fierce storms, and Ravian despairs of every finding his father.

At once, a gripping fantasy adventure and a thoughtful story of friendship and overcoming fears, The Riddle of the Sea is a hugely entertaining debut from an exciting young author. The book features stunning cover and black-and-white illustrations by acclaimed illustrator Karl James Mountford, and is translated from Dutch by Laura Watkinson, Carnegie-Medal 2020 short-listed translator of Lampie by Annet Schaap.

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