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Paul Biegel

The Gardens of Dorr

The Gardens of Dorr

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A classic masterpiece of middle grade fantasy by the author of The King of The Copper Mountains.

Dorr was once a city of merriment, music and dancing. Now it lies grey and silent under the spell of the witch Sirdis. When a young princess arrives in Dorr on a secret quest, she finds a town full of mystery, magic and danger. As she meets with a succession of strange, funny and frightening characters, Dorr’s true history, and the true nature of her quest, become clear through the stories they tell each other. Can the princess find the gardens of Dorr and free the city from its evil enchantment?

By turns beautiful, thrilling, frightening and comical, The Gardens of Dorr is a richly detailed, unforgettable fantasy adventure, considered by many to the crowning achievement of one of Europe’s most beloved children’s writers.

Translated from the Dutch by Paul Biegel and Gillian Hume, with illustrations by Eva-Johanna Rubin.

"One of those rare writers who—through the style, composition and 'depth' of their books—manage to raise the children's book to the level of literature" —De Volkskrant

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