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Wafa' Tarnowska & Vali Mintzi

Nour's Secret Library

Nour's Secret Library

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Forced to take shelter when their Syrian city is plagued with bombings, young Nour and her cousin begin to bravely build a secret underground library. Based on the author’s own life experience and inspired by a true story, Nour’s Secret Library is about the power of books to heal, transport and create safe spaces during difficult times. Illustrations by Romanian artist Vali Mintzi superimpose the colourful world the children construct over black-and-white charcoal depictions of the battered city.

“A beautiful and poignant coming-of-age book... Based on the author’s and illustrator’s personal experiences, this unique war story is full of hope and resilience that shines through even the worst of situations” —School Library Journal

“This dual story—one of destruction, and one of preservation and hope—focuses on the importance of reading during war and the cultural role of libraries and knowledge, especially during times of crisis” —The Horn Book Magazine

“As their city is ravaged by war, two children and their community create an oasis of hope amid the destruction... A warm, engaging, and informative book that’s a valuable addition to children’s literature about war and conflict” —Kirkus Reviews

“A beautifully told and illustrated story of hope and community” —The Guardian

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