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Inga Moore

Moose's Book Bus

Moose's Book Bus

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An homage to storytime, libraries and community by Inga Moore, one of the most acclaimed children’s bookmakers working today.

Moose is the most fantastic storyteller. Every night after dinner, he sits with his family around the fire and tells an enchanting story. But, one evening, Moose can’t think of a single tale he hasn’t told before! What he needs is a book of stories. What they all need is a library…

With help from the friendly librarian in town, Moose recycles an abandoned bus from the junkyard and makes a mobile library—a book bus! Now the whole neighbourhood can experience the magic of stories together.

In this companion to A House in the Woods, beloved picture book maker Inga Moore shares a heart-warming story that celebrates the joy of reading aloud, and the power that libraries have to bring.

"A picture book for anyone who loves libraries, featuring anthropomorphic animals in a picturesque, autumnal village who gather in Moose’s living room to hear fairy tales read, until it is too crowded to do so … Although Moore’s animals behave like people, the badgers and bears, foxes, hares, beavers and wild pigs also retain some of the essence of themselves, while the misty atmosphere of Moore’s rural scenes, which have depth and detail, suggests magic and imagination. She creates a world that readers will long to inhabit, but also recognise, because they understand how books can make places happy and cosy." —The Sunday Times

"From atmospheric woodland scenes to Moose’s cosy living room with a roaring fire, every page is infused with warmth and gentle humour. This delightful picture book, which celebrates the pleasure of sharing books, reading aloud and the importance of libraries, is sure to inspire young children to embark on their own reading journey." —BookTrust

"The story advocated beautifully for the important role of libraries and reading books." —Books Up North

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