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Louie Stowell

Loki: A Bad God's Guide to Being Good (Loki: A Bad God's Guide #1)

Loki: A Bad God's Guide to Being Good (Loki: A Bad God's Guide #1)

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Shortlisted for The British Book Awards 2023: Children's Fiction Book of the Year
Waterstones Children's Book of the Month for February 2022

Packed with doodles and cartoons, here is the diary of Loki as he’s trapped on earth as a petulant eleven-year-old—and even worse, annoying thunder god Thor is there, too.

After one prank too many, trickster god Loki has been banished to live as a kid on Earth. If he can show moral improvement within one month, he can return to Asgard. If he can’t? Eternity in a pit of angry snakes. Rude!

To keep track of Loki’s progress, King Odin (a bossy poo-poo head) gives him this magical diary in which Loki is forced to confess the truth, even when that truth is as ugly as a naked mole rat. To make matters worse, Loki has to put up with an eleven-year-old Thor tagging along and making him look bad. Loki is not even allowed to use his awesome godly powers!

As Loki suffers the misery of school lunch, discovers the magic of internet videos, and keeps watch for frost giant spies, will he finally learn to tell good from bad, trust from tricks, and friends from enemies?

Louie Stowell’s witty text and hysterical drawings will keep readers in stitches from start to finish.

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"Forget Thor, it's Louie who really brings the thunder with this book. Action-packed, smart and very, very funny." —Rob Biddulph, author of Blown Away

"This Loki is no wimpy kid, he's an (anti)hero you're going to LOVE!" —Phil Earle, author of When the Sky Falls

"I devoured this hilarious doodly diary by the immensely talented Louie Stowell. So funny and magnificently clever. Learned about Norse mythology too which was a bonus! Right up my street, I'd thoroughly recommend Loki for comedy lovers 8+." —Jen Carney, author of Accidental Diary of B.U.G.

"I loved it! Fantastically fresh and funny. I can't wait for more!" —Andy Shepherd, author of The Boy Who Dreamed of Dragons

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