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Olivia Brook

Fairy Forest School #5: Red Panda Riddle

Fairy Forest School #5: Red Panda Riddle

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A magical fairy school series about helping animals and looking after nature, from the publisher of the best-selling series, Rainbow Magic!

It's autumn at Oakwings Academy, the magical school for Forest Fairies, and Poppy Merrymoss is learning how to make plants grow. Just as she's getting the hang of it, mean Lady Nightshade appears and puts a curse on the forest, covering it in a choking knot weed that stops plants growing.

Poppy and her friends rush to clear the weeds and discover a lost red panda trapped beneath them. They need to help the baby panda get home but he's talking in riddles and they can't understand anything he says! Can they solve the riddles in time to get him home and save the rest of the forest from Lady Nightshade's curse?

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