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Lisa Regan

Dinosaur Academy: Fractions and Decimals

Dinosaur Academy: Fractions and Decimals

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Welcome to Dinosaur Academy, where young readers can learn essential numeracy skills with number-loving dino friends.

This vibrantly illustrated, full-colour activity book shows young readers the fun side of math learning. Each page filled with fraction and decimal sums to solve, accompanied by adorable dinosaur pals. As children work through the problems, they will gradually increase their speed, proficiency and confidence in mathematical principles.

This book:
- Supports and reinforces school learning
- Boosts children's confidence
- Provides helpful guidance for parents
- Bridges the summer-learning gap
- Helps with homework

The dinosaur characters even offer readers hints, tips, and tricks! Math has never been this easy, accessible... or exciting! Ideal for readers aged 7+.

About the series: Dinosaur Academy invites pupils to their school of number learning. Young readers can get to grips with the fundamentals of numeracy through write-in exercises, with dinosaur friends to help them along the way.

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