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Alex T. Smith

Claude at the Circus (Claude #3)

Claude at the Circus (Claude #3)

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Claude and Sir Bobblysock go under the big top for a madcap adventure! From Alex T. Smith’s hilarious award-winning early chapter book series.

When Mr. and Mrs. Shinyshoes leave for the day, Claude and his best friend Sir Bobblysock take a walk in the park. Suddenly, a woman calls for help, and they find themselves rescuing a runaway baby carriage―with the baby still inside!

To reward their heroism, The Amazing Alan invites them to watch his circus. They arrive early, and, as he’s been on a cleaning frenzy lately, Claude decides to tidy up the big top. In the process, he accidentally sabotages the performers’ equipment. But the show must go on―even if Claude and Sir Bobblysock have to put on the entire thing themselves!

Quirky, delightfully odd, and positively surreal, Alex T. Smith’s beloved illustrated early chapter book series promises giggle-filled bedtime reading and a laugh-out-loud option for readers transitioning from picture books to chapter books. Illustrated throughout.

“Fans of Amelia Bedelia will find this sort of thing hilarious … The climax has everything a child could want in a book.” ―Kirkus Reviews

Another witty and entertaining story, with humour that will appeal to both adults and childrenlovely stories to read aloud and share. Quirky and amusing, I think these books are perfect as the next step on from picture books.” ―

Illustrated with humour and elegance on every page.” ―Sunday Times

Comic talent not just for writing a good story but also illustrating it in a fitting but hilarious style.” ―Books For Keeps

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