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A.H. Blade

Beastheart: Conjuror (Beastheart #2)

Beastheart: Conjuror (Beastheart #2)

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To escape your destiny, first you must escape your past…

A battle is coming between the armies of the new-Kind and the human rebels. Ancient scrolls foretell the Cleansing, when balance will be restored between the enemies. But will this mean the annihilation of all humans, or the triumph of the humans over their new-Kind oppressors?

Jonas journeys to the rebels’ undercover base. He is torn between embracing his role as Master of the Kind and finding the truth about his past. His golden armour helps him control his forbidden magic powers, but also reveals secrets he has hidden from himself—secrets he might rather not know.

Lana must have all her wits about her to navigate the deceits and schemes of court. As her magical powers grow, she must understand how to keep her family safe while preventing the Cleansing from wiping out humanity. But as she glimpses deeper into the Netherplane, will she repeat the fate of her mother, and go crazy from her visions?

Gael is advising the human rebels in their secret stronghold. Gael believes the only hope of a peaceful rebalance is through trusting in Jonas. Only Jonas with his links to the old-Kind can hold off the might of the new-Kind.

But can Jonas trust his own powers?

Beastheart: Conjuror is a thrilling fantasy adventure set in a world ruled by a complex hierarchy of creatures known as the new-Kind with magical or elemental powers.

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