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Claire Freedman & Ben Cort

Aliens Love Underpants

Aliens Love Underpants

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When a swarm of aliens fly down to Earth, meeting people is the last thing they want to do―what they really, really want... is to steal underwear from you!

These hilarious aliens love underpants in every colour and size―whether big or small, red or green, and everything in between! Since they don't have underwear up in space, they're willing to steal fabrics from any place. They think that Mom's frilly, pink panties are a perfect place to hide. And Grandpa's woolly long johns make a super-whizzy slide!

The wacky illustrations and hilarious rhyming text make Aliens Love Underpants a laugh out loud favorite for sharing at storytime. No complicated story or plot to chase, just alien underpants shenanigans that will bring a smile to any face!

This story is perfect for:

  • Engaging reluctant readers
  • Younger fans of Captain Underpants
  • Alien fans
  • Silly humor enthusiasts
  • Hilarious read aloud adventures
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